Product Development

Design Department

One of the most key features of a product is its appearance and body, which the user communicates with. Therefore, in order to maintain the satisfaction, comfort and well-being of the users of a product, paying attention to the physical appearance of the body and even its user interface, including the screen, menus, icons and other items, is of particular importance.

Sedna company has paid extra attention to the importance of this issue and has formed a strong team consisting of industrial designers, UI/UX designers and graphic artists in order to achieve the main goal of producing an acceptable product with effective and targeted communication between different product development units. Customer satisfaction should be achieved.

R&D Department

Product development, along with market study and related reviews, includes two parts: body design and electronic part design. The research and development unit is responsible for designing hardware, software and prototyping and testing products so that the maximum capabilities with the best performance are available to the user.