Sedna Biography

Sedna Introduction

SEDNA industrial and knowledge-based group is one of leading manufacturers in fields of thermostats, BLDC motor drives, evaporative cooler switchs, residual current devices, home care and mobile devices such as tablet. Founded in 2012, currently with more than 20 different air conditioning switches, SEDNA is one of leading suppliers in respective industry in Iran. Representing meaningful and practical solutions to power saving and enhancing life style, we’ve committed ourselves to produce smart innovative products with high quality and advanced technology. Continuous investment in R&D, employing talented and expert engineers and advanced production beside modern test systems resulted in innovative and creative solutions, serving the needs of customers. To ensure high quality and accurate devices, electronic parts are enquired directly from well-known manufacturers, high quality machineries are utilized, and every step of the assembly and production process is inspected using advanced quality control equipment. Our industrial design team is always looking for perfection and they continue to design beautiful, stylish, and practical products. We continue to evolve our products quality and services, to ensure that we exceed the customer requirements and expectations. Sedna’s industrial and knowledge-based group, with increasing efforts, is taking steps towards the development of the diversity of its product portfolio, as well as the development of national and international activities



  • Sedna Establishment


4 Employees

1 Product


Growth in Product

  • Growth in product variety (IoT-base products)
  • SEDNA Service

Growth in Sale

  • Start B2B
  • Start B2C
  • StartB2G
  • Enter International Market

Growth in Market

  • Establish "SEDER" joint venture in China
  • Establish "SEDAN" joint venture in Iran
  • Establish "Sedna System" joint venture in Spain
  • Knowledge-based company certificate

Investing in Sedna

  • Sedna growth in term of size and values
  • Establish "Sedna Safe" joint venture in Iran
  • Establish "Sedna Teb Mobin" joint venture in Iran

Sedna Growth

  • Establish production line and office in Chabahar city

Sedna Growth

  • New market development and enter the field of designing and manufacturing household appliances boards
  • Development in the number and variety of products


More than 80 employees

More than 20 products

More than 0.8 million products sales


Road Map


  • Providing a part of human welfare through production and supply
    • Hardware and software systems for home appliances
    • Smart homes
  • Generative value for:
    • Customers: Reassurance and well-being
    • Staff: Opportunity to learn, grow and self-fulfill
    • Society: Improving the quality of life and economic prosperity
    • Environment: protection and preservation
    • Suppliers: Reassuring interactions
    • Shareholders: Sustainable profits and attractive opportunities


  • market leadership both in terms of market share and technology
    • development of new products and services in the field of smart appliances as well as smart home
  • serious presence for end users
  • development of its own products market size in Iran
  • Business partner and supplier of more than 50% of Iranian manufacturers of heating and cooling systems
  • The development of the international market will also be pursued by entering the markets of neighboring countries
  • Generate at least 25% of its sales revenue through exports


  • Customer Orientation:
    • Focus on continuous, accurate and empathetic understanding of customer needs and expectations and respond to them quickly
  • Professionalism:
    • Accurate knowledge of the principles and rules of activity in a specific job field and practical adherence to these principles
  • Respect and trust:
    • Respectful, polite and trusting approach to individual interactions
  • Accountability and reliability:
    • Responsibility and support in carrying out affairs and accepting responsibility for the positive or negative achievements of actions
  • Passion and positivity:
    • The desire to develop and improve and optimistic
  • Learn and improve:
    • Readiness to analyze the causes of situations and fractures, and change behavior based on these analyzes

Organization Chart




In 2020 Sedna attended in the biggest technological exhibition in middle east (GITEX2020), held in Dubai. With hard work and great presentation of Sedna’s potentials and capabilities, Sedna was nominated as one of top 70 startups among 700 competitors, and top 5 among 20 Iranian companies which were attended at GITEX.

In 2019, Sedna was one of Iranian technology based companies to export technology to China and consequently received the “Top 20 World’s high-tech company in 2019” award. Worldwide collaborations have led to joint venture companies in China and Spain.