Sedna Growth

Sedna Growth

Product development, serious presence in the end market and market leadership, along with serious activity as a supplier and providing part of the income through exports, are among the prospects and goals of SEDNA’s industrial and knowledge-based group on the path of development and growth. To achieve this goal, various companies have been established inside and outside of Iran with different objectives and needs.

Guangzhou SEDER Technology (China)

Saleh Makran- Chabahar


Sedna Teb Mobin

Sedna Seif

Sedna light energy temperature systems

Barcelona Sedna System - Spain



Manufacturing of – Evaporative Cooler Switches – Motor Drives

Sedna Safe

Manufacturing of
– Residual Current Devices
– Sockets and Light Panels

Samanehaye Dama Noor Energy SEDNA

– Thermostats Manufacturing
– Operational and Technical Support
– Research and Development
– Mobile Devices Manufacturing

Saleh Makran

– Manufacturing of Oxygen Concentrators, Tablets, Motor Drives

Sedna Teb Mobin

– Manufacturing of Home Care Products


Barcelona Sedna System (Spain)

– Products sale in Amazon website

Guangzhou Seder Technology (China)

– International Activities
– China market
– Smart home
– IoT products

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