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HVAC The first field that Sedna started its activity with, after its establishment was the production of thermostat. All types of air conditioning and HVAC systems need a thermostat to adjust the temperature and other controlling options. Sedna industrial and knowledge-based group has designed and produced various thermostats based on the market survey of the HVAC devices such as fan coils, duct splits, packages, under floor heating, etc. used in the country. Thermostats manage and control the device based on their technical specifications.

Household Appliances

Household appliances is a wide field including different devices with different applications. Due to the technical support in the field of electronics, the large market of evaporative coolers in the country and production experience, since the beginning of the company’s establishment, Sedna has turned to manufacturing of evaporative cooler switches with a distinctive appearance and features, and now has a special place in the country’s consumer market.
Another key and significant activity of Sedna industrial and knowledge-based group, in the field of household appliances, is the production of BLDC, PMSM and induction motor drives to manage and control new generation motorized household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and other items.
Sedna is also active in manufacturing products in two other categories in this field. Residual current devices for protection against residual current, and household appliances electronic boards for other manufacturers in this field.

Medical Care

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2018 led to the attention toward country’s shortage in the field of domestic production of medical and home care products. This caused Sedna’s industrial and knowledge-based group to move toward the production of home care products in line with its mission to improve the welfare of the society. This path started with the manufacturing of non-contact IR thermometers, and now Sedna is engaged in research and development, and the production of various products in the field of home care.

Mobile devices

The ever-increasing growth of communication technologies and the expansion of social networks have increased the need for high-quality online communication tools. The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and the nationwide quarantine has caused the growth of online businesses, the increase of online classes, the expansion of holding online meetings and remote work for the public, including students, employees and other groups of people. As a result, the need for mobile devices became more apparent. In this regard, by studying the market and taking into account the country’s need in the production of domestic products in this field, Sedna’s industrial and knowledge-based group spent part of its energy and effort to produce domestic mobile devices with good quality and reasonable price in order to meet the needs of the society.