Evaporative Cooler Switch

Beautiful Appearance
RCCB and 2-Pole Circuit Breaker
Various Capabilities

Evaporative Cooler Switch

Evaporative cooler switches were traditionally controlled by simple switches and connection/ disconnection of pump and fan. These devices were not safe against dangers of residual current and electric shocks.

Sedna evaporative cooler switches include RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) and two poles circuit breaker, which in case of residual current disconnects phase and null simultaneously to avert the incidents such as electrocution and fire from happening.

The mechanism of RCCB switches is simply calculating the input and output current differential (residual current detector or RCCB). If the difference exceeds 30 mA, in less than 300ms, the two poles circuit breaker triggers leading to power disconnection and power off.

Moreover, evaporative cooler switches with various timers and working scenarios can have a great effect on saving water and energy consumption.

These products are designed and manufactured, complying with ISIRI6700-1 and IEC61008-1 standards and all have beautiful and distinctive appearances. Various features and options have been included in those such as periodic and on/off times, thermostatic operation, remote controller, and etc.