Thermostatic Eris Evaporative Cooler Switch

Including RCCB, 2-pole circuit breaker, RF remote controller,
and various working scenarios


Eris thermostatic cooler switch has a beautiful and distinctive appearance. Beside working as a traditional evaporative cooler switch, having a temperature senor and installed thermostatic features, equip this device to control the cooler automatically/semi automatically up to reaching the desired environment temperature.

This product contains an RF remote controller which makes controlling the device operation from the distance possible. Moreover, Eris is equipped with RCCB and two poles circuit breaker systems as well as over current detection system in order to protect the user from residual current and the device from over current effects.

These features alongside with an on/off timer and other useful options makes Eris cooler switch distinctive and ideal for evaporative cooler operation and power saving.

Technical Specifications


Installation & Operation Guide

Thermostastic Eris Evaporative Cooler Switch Installation and Operation Guide