Kian Residual Current Device

Connects home appliances to input power and
includes RCCB, 2-pole circuit breaker
and a test system to ensure its functionality


Kian is a portable residual current device (PRCD) that allows the consumers to use their electrical appliances safely and protect them against electric shock and power leakage. This is especially important in environments with water or humidity due to the increased risk of electric shock; And using this device protects the user when using appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, electric water heaters and portable water coolers and other similar appliances.Founded in 2012, currently with more than 20 different air conditioning switches, SEDNA is one of leading suppliers in respective industry in Iran.
Representing meaningful and practical solutions to power saving and enhancing life style, we’ve committed ourselves to produce smart innovative products with high quality and advanced technology. Continuous investment in R&D, employing talented and expert engineers and advanced production beside modern test systems resulted in innovative and creative solutions, serving the needs of customers.
To ensure high quality and accurate devices, electronic parts are enquired directly from well-known manufacturers, high quality machineries are utilized, and every step of the assembly and production process is inspected using advanced quality control equipment. Our industrial design team is always looking for perfection and they continue to design beautiful, stylish, and practical products. We continue to evolve our products quality and services, to ensure that we exceed the customer requirements and expectations.
Sedna’s industrial and knowledge-based group, with increasing efforts, is taking steps towards the development of the diversity of its product portfolio, as well as the development of national and international activities

Technical Specifications


Installation & Operation Guide

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