Oxygen Concentrator

produce sufficient oxygen volume for respiratory patients,
with low sound and a maximum flow of 5L/min


Sedna oxygen concentrator is to produce sufficient oxygen volume for respiratory patients. This product has a low sound with a maximum flow of 5L/min. having various features as well as including a remote controller is suitable for home and medical facilities. It is worth mentioning that it is portable and has wheels, as a result very easy to move its location.

It can be used for adjuvant treatment for respiratory system diseases, cardio vascular and cerebral vascular system diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other hypoxia diseases. One of the significant features of the GHS oxygen concentrator is the nebulizing ability and having an oxygen outlet for inhaling medicines.

The oxygen concentrator is designed to run continuously for 24 hours. Because of long and continuous usage, high-quality and anti-tiring components are used in the device to lengthen its lifetime.

Technical Specifications


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