BLDC and Induction Motor Drive

for controlling up to 5000W BLDC and 3-phase induction
motors, including various protection and controlling
features for efficient device usage


BLDC, PMSM and three-phase induction motors, which have higher efficiency and less volume and weight than single-phase induction motors, are replacing single-phase induction motors in many domestic and industrial uses such as evaporative coolers, split air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. The drive and control of the speed of these motor types require electronic equipment called “Electric Drive” or “Inverter”. The input of the drive is connected to the utility grid and its output is connected to the motor.

Sedna drives for various industrial and household appliances, with a beautiful, compact and functional design, can control all types of BLDC, PMSM and three-phase induction motors. Sedna drives receive their commands from the user through Sedna’s smart thermostat and offer users various controlling features.

Due to Technical knowledge in R&D and products’ development, Sedna can personalize the drives according to customers’ needs and requests. Moreover, drives can be manufactured with various optional features such as PFC module, controlling sensor, relay, etc. The device box can be designed and personalized according to installation Space and customer requests, and a fix box for different drives is not mandatory.

Different Sedna Drives

  • Evaporative Cooler Drive
  • Air Conditioner Drive
  • Split Air Conditioner Drive
  • Refrigerator-Freezer Drive
  • Washing Machine Drive

Technical Specifications


Product Teaser

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