Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Body temperature detection with easy usage,
fast response time and various settings


Non-contact infrared thermometer, is one of Sedna homecare branch products designed to measure body temperature for fast detection of high temperature and fever. Non-contact design eliminates the need for replaceable probe covers and other supplies, hence decreases the disease transmission caused by contaminated objects.

By placing the device in front of forehead and click the trigger, the result is displayed on the screen simply and very fast. Fast detection combined with narrow time gap make this thermometer ideal for crowded places where frequent and fast testing is required.

In situations where accurate measurement is required, it is necessary to use a clinical thermometer. Use of additional medical services and/or healthcare professionals will be needed to properly diagnose the condition of people’s in any health screening assessment to identify elevated body temperature for any person.

Medical IR thermometers result vary with different factors. Consequently, it is not a substitute for a clinical thermometer and should not be relied upon as the sole determinant of a person’s body temperature.

Technical Specifications


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Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer