Selena thermostat

The family of Selena thermostats includes a variety of 3-round devices
and 6 turns of fan coil, floor heating and BLDC motor drive


Telesto smart thermostat is a family of Sedna air conditioner thermostats, which is very elegant and designed based on modern technologies. This product with a beautiful and modern appearance, and smart capabilities, provides a high range of control to the user and brings comfort and convenience to the consumer with various options and settings.

Telesto can also control the driver of electric motors, including BLDC motor and induction motor, due to Modbus communication capability. Therefore, according to its control scenarios and capabilities, it is able to control air conditioning devices such as air conditioners, water coolers, etc. through the driver.

The 4-inch full-color and full-touch screen of this product provides a very attractive user experience for the user. The Telesto product has the ability to control the engine speed of the air conditioning system connected to it, as well as the ability to operate in two modes, heating and cooling, automatically or manually. This device has a delicate design and with the possibility of surface installation, it can be easily installed in different places.


Technical Specifications

Installation Guide

Selena Thermostat Installation Guide