Eris Cooler package thermostat

It has a life protection system and two-pole disconnection,
suitable for control Induction water cooler in cooling mode
and package in heating mode


Eris Cooler package thermostat product is from the Eris product family and it controls the water cooler in the cooling mode and the package in the heating mode. This device consists of three parts: Eris device, package module and radio remote control.

In the cooling mode, only the Eris thermostat device works and its function to control the two-round induction water cooler is similar to the Sedna company’s Eris thermostatic water cooler switch (Eris 6211). In the heating mode, the interface cable of the package module is connected to the package device and the thermostat controls the package through this module (through wireless communication). In both cooling and heating modes, the device can be managed and controlled by remote control.

Technical Specifications


Installation & Operation Guide

Thermostastic Eris Evaporative Cooler Switch Installation and Operation Guide